I'm getting real tired of this...

(Robert Gorman (GoGoCharlie)) #1

I’m getting real tired of this… I’m trying to print a piece of a belt that I found on thingiverse. The original way the belt was designed gave it structural weakness issues, so I’ve reoriented it to print like this. But now I can’t get the damn thing to print without these weak layers appearing.

I’ve reduced polygons, resliced, readjusted temp/speed, and reprinted 7 times now and it won’t print without these lines popping up somewhere. Every single time! This’d is the best one so far, that’s why I’m letting it continue.

I don’t have this issue with any other filament… Just this crap QUBD sent me when they sent me the broken 1up (had ordered a 2up!) a year ago.

Any advice on how I can salvage this spool?

(Abc Def) #2

Is it abs or pla?

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(Dianne Fontayne) #4

Maybe it needs drying out, moisture may have gotten to it.

(Abc Def) #5

Either it is too moist or is partially jamming your hotend. Pla doesnt really delaminate

(Brook Drumm) #6

You can dry it in an oven for a few hours at about 100f… Maybe a bit higher. Check often to be sure you don’t melt it!

(Griffin Paquette) #7

Honestly I would scrap it. I’ve had a roll like that and it’s still sitting on my shelf. I switched to toner plastics filament and have done well with it since day one. Not to mention microcenter sells it for crazy cheap.

(Robert Gorman (GoGoCharlie)) #8

I normally use Hatchbox, it prints GREAT on a Dremel. This spool hasn’t spent much time boxed. I’ll retire it for a few days to my toolbox. I got one that is the perfect size for about 8 spools. I throw all my silicate in as well, so it should dry it out a bit.

(Robert Gorman (GoGoCharlie)) #9

@Nathan_Walkner , I printed THIS on day one.
The machine is GREAT, It’s just that I’m still learning. In this case it’s also the shit QUBD filament and the poorly designed file. The damn thing is very simple, yet had over 4 million triangles. I had to reduce it down pretty brutally to make it process. I’ll try the same file in a my Hatchbox filament, then see how it goes.

(René Jurack) #10

Hey @Robert_Gorman_GoGoCh ! It looks a lot like underextrusion caused by too low temperature. Either its the thermistors fault like mentioned by @Ross_Bagley or your are extruding at too low temperature at all. Then the extruder losses steps because it can’t push that hard.

(Griffin Paquette) #11

Good point about the temp. I had similar issues with some PLA when I printed. I started at 193 and now am at 210c. Thats what it took to get it to work.