I'm getting bad intra-layer adhesion and lots of stringing with this particular batch of

(Patrick Ryan) #1

I’m getting bad intra-layer adhesion and lots of stringing with this particular batch of red PLA. (I’m developing a serious hatred for this stuff.) Anybody got any suggestions as to what settings I should tweak?

(Stefano Pavanello) #2

For bad intra-layer adhesion I had esperienced piece with layer detaching due to low temperature combined with high airflow of the cooling fan that cool down too much the extruded layer before it can stick to the underside layer, but the stringing, as I know, do not happen with low temperature or am I wrong?. Try the same piece increasing the temp and/or shut down the cooling fan

(Patrick Ryan) #3

@Stefano_Pavanello Ah! You know what, you’re probably right. I’m using a fan I salvaged from a server, and the airflow is probably too high. I’ll try dialling down the fan speed and see if that helps. Thanks for the insight!

(Stefano Pavanello) #4

I make a similar mistake because using a 60mm fan at full power. But I’m able to spot this because at first time I made some pieces with the fan simply put on the bed, 10 cm away from the piece and results are perfect, so thinking of doing better I install it on the head with a dedicated duct, but doing this I increase to much the airflow directed to the piece and it starting the poor layer adhesion problem :slight_smile:

(Mano Biletsky (Open MAKER)) #5

If you get strings and you are sure your calibration is correct, your fillament probably contains a lot of moisture. Search googke for ways to dry it.

(Rakesh Gujarati) #6

When fan running with full power vibration is create & so found some mistack !

(Niclas Öberg) #7

I keep my filament in a plastic box from IKEA. It also server as spool holder and inside I put several boxes of silica gel from cardboard boxes shoes are delivered in.

If you do not have them pop over to the nearest shoe-store, I’m sure they will give them away for free

(Ronald Burggraaf) #8

Don’t let it cool to much. Maybe even heat the air so the already extruded material stays closer to melting point and sticks more to the new material.

(Patrick Ryan) #9

Thanks, @Stefano_Pavanello and all the others who suggested cooling as my issue - it definitely seems to have been a fan control issue. I reduced the fan speed and got improved layer adhesion and no stringing. This particular PLA is definitely sensitive to being cooled at the proper rate!