I'm doing a writeup on the inconsistent layer height issue we've discussed here several

I’m doing a writeup on the inconsistent layer height issue we’ve discussed here several times (see the links below for examples) and I think it’s time to give it a name so that it’s easier to refer to it and differentiate it from Z wobble. Here are some possibilities I’ve come up with:

Z jitter
Z dither
Z quantization
Z oscillation
Z ribbing

One of those jump out? Any other ideas?

I think Z dithering describes it best (even though dithering is just one part of the issue, what we’re really seeing is an interference pattern).

Overzealous microstepping with one Pololu on two steppers. I have seen this getting better when you reduce microstepping from 1/16 to 1/4.

@Jan_Wildeboer That’s a separate issue. The problem here is an interference pattern caused by the wrong choice of layer height. With the right layer height, all layers will be in the same microstep position, and it won’t matter if the microstepping is inaccurate.

Z rounding error.
says exactly what the problem is, don’t even have to explain it.

@Jonathan_se5a_Sorens I’m looking for something that describes the effect on the print, rather than the root cause of it.

I like z jitter the prints look jittery in hight

maybe jitter then.
or what about Z ribbing?

Z ribbing is much better. I’m adding it to the list above.

Jitter seems out of place for what we’re trying to describe. I like ribbing much better.

I vote for ribbing

Z flare? - because that’s what’s happening. The layers are getting squished, and thus flaring outwards.

Flare doesn’t convey that it is at a regular interval. I think ribbing conveys as much as flare does, plus it implies the regular interval.

Z displacement? Layer height Syndrome?

As a non-native English speaker, Z flare doesn’t sound anything like what we’re seeing to me.

I like Z ribbing

Z ribbing sounds like a new condom brand :wink:

Z® for her pleasure.


Problem is there are several forms of these striations and each one can have several root causes. It would be nice to have vernacular that succinctly referenced each group. Waves versus bands versus ribs versus…etc.