I'm curious about this printer...

(Levi Hopson) #1

I’m curious about this printer… it’s from Hobby king so the quality control may not be there. Does anyone have information/experience with this printer yet?

It looks very tempting at ~$330

(Dale Dunn) #2

There’s not enough real info on their site to gauge the quality. I see real multistart lead screws on the Z axis, linear bearings and injection molded parts. It should be mechanically OK, though not very rigid. I see no heated bed or way to adjust it. The “RAMPS style” board doesn’t look very RAMPS to me, so I have no idea if it will run Marlin or how well it might be designed. HobbyKing needs to get this into the hands of a reputable reviewer.

(Levi Hopson) #3

Good info, and yeah the bed is not heated, they mention that in the video… Also what I noticed in the video was the top of the unit would move slightly whenever he rested his arms on the it, giving to it not being super rigid…

I hope someone independently reviews this… As it could potentially be a decent cheap printer, at least with hourly minor modifications, like their hk450 helicopter I’ve been flying fir sometime now, a few modifications have made it fly as well as the TRex it is cloned from

(Ben Van Den Broeck) #4

Seems like a cheap Bukobot clone, which is open source. Not sure about this one as I havent been a fan of vertical linear rods. Dual Z axis threaded rod is fine in terms of reliability if the rest of the machine is well balanced. Looks like it’d bind quite easily as you print larger scaled objects.

(Shachar Weis) #5

If your goal is to actually print things, I would not touch this with a 3D printed stick.