I'm considering to build a Reprap Wallace ,

I’m considering to build a Reprap Wallace , I already operate & built a Thing-O-Matic and an Original Mendel , I like the apparent simplicity of the Wallace design, and hopefully the ease of calibration.

Now, as I haven’t been following 3D printing news closely over the last months, I’m wondering, is the Wallace the way to go, or are there any designs that are even easier to build? Also, what are currently considered the most reliable extruder and nozzle design?

As far as more reliable extruder/nozzle goes, J-head seems to be the king right now. Very fast extrusion rates, not as expensive as the budaschnozzle, compact, perfect with both ABS and PLA. Seriously, I cannot recommend them enough.

1.75 or 3mm? How much is “very fast”? Enough for considerably >120mm/s?

@Marcus_Wolschon Thanks, but that’s a huge list… I was looking for more personal recommandations, anything you would consider as easy to build as a Wallace?

@Marcus_Wolschon I have quite a stock of 3mm ABS & PLA, so I’d rather go with 3mm…

As far as I’ve been told, it’s been tested at 0.5mm nozzle, 3mm filament at well over 140mm/s – I’ve personally tested it at 146mm/s and it was brilliant.

Thanks @ThantiK , I’m googling…

I completely left the RepRap project because of this chaos and non-maintainership.
I haven’t tried them myself but would recomment an Ultimaker or maybe a Type1 SeriesA. I can absolutely not recomment the products of Makerbot Industries.
Will try a Makibox HT when I get mine.

Sounds great.

@Marcus_Wolschon I don’t want to go the kit way, and I want to use parts I can print with my existing printers. I also have already most parts, linear bearings, steppers, electronics, heatable boards etc.

@ThantiK I just checked, seems exactly what I was looking for, great info, thanks! Now I just need to find where to order it…

@Claude_Rieth , http://hotends.com on friday afternoon. His hot ends are so popular he does batch orders all the rest of the time. He puts “the weeks batch” out on Friday for us normal customers. :slight_smile:


What about a pursa i3? http://reprap.org/wiki/Prusa_i3_Build_Manual

Seems, in my limited understanding, to be a Wallace with a bit more support, less printable parts and easy assembly. Down side is you’ll need to do some wood working or have access to a laser cutter.

The Prusa i3 is a good machine. Ditto for the Mendel90. These (imho) are the current-generation printers that people should be building. I only wish laser/waterjet cut aluminum plates were more readily accessable here in the states, cheap. No way I’m going to be paying $100, and then on top of that, shipping overseas. :confused:

I second the prusa i3 or mendel90. They look a lot easier to build and calibrate.

I built a Wallace, and it is quite easy. The skeletal Wallace doesn’t have much to go wrong in calibration–it is set mostly by the quality of your printed parts. However, the extra bits of mounting endstops, electronics, etc. are not defined at all, so you have to wing it. Mendel90 does that design very well. The frame on the i3 or Mendel90 gives you more for mounting the electrical half of the reprap. But you could easily bolt a plate to the back of the Wallace and get some of those features.

I’ve a spongy self-built hotend, and will be buying a j-head when I have more time and resources.

Thanks all for your input, I’ll go for a Mendel90, starting printing pieces in 3…2…1… I’ll keep you updated…