I'm considering attempting to design a portable printer,

I’m considering attempting to design a portable printer, and I have come here to ask if someone has any interest in providing some advice and assistance, re: hardware/electronics (selection, part dimensions, etc.), materials, and anything else that might require a more experienced perspective.
Thanks in advance!

take a look at this portable printer by dkennel:

Thanks for the link! It looks like it may be a realistic project after all. What I need now, though, is some advice on what hardware I should use (what he’s got looks pretty good) and also the dimensions/specifications needed in order to design to that spec.

@Nikolai_Hedler have you already build a “normal” RepRap?

No, I don’t have much fundage at the moment, so I figured it might be fun to just poke at what I might be able to design myself, on the off-chance that it might be cheaper. Also, I haven’t yet had reason nor opportunity to design something of this complexity until now, so I’m interested to see how it’ll work out. I have done some research into the basics of printing and what sort of things I need to keep in mind while designing.