I'm changing my Prusa mendel i2 (first printer) with a refresh of a Prusa_i3_rework.

I’m changing my Prusa mendel i2 (first printer) with a refresh of a Prusa_i3_rework. All new frame and parts and only keeping the electronics and some smooth rods. This is the first part printed with my Eustathios variant: red ABS, H:240C, B:110C, 1hour to print.

The part is modified to use 3/8’ thread rod (instead of the normal 10mm) and the top is widen to use a 10mm smooth rod (instead of a 8mm)

many more parts ahead to print :slight_smile:

Nice finish. I still fight z ribbing on my Eustathios. I haven’t pegged down the source yet. Nice to see yours is running well.

it seems different than this: https://github.com/josefprusa/Prusa3-vanilla/blob/master/distribution/y-corners.stl

@Miguel_Sanchez Thats because it comes from this one : https://github.com/josefprusa/Prusa3/blob/master/box_frame/sample_stls/default_box_gt2_lm10uu/y-axis-corner.stl

but your link does show a better looking one. I’ll look into it… maybe I can modify it to fit my needs. thanks !

If using a standard Prusa frame watch out, as the M10 rods are not at the usual height. The zip tie hole for securing the smooth rods is not present: not a bid deal but convenient.

@Miguel_Sanchez Could the M10 make trouble elsewhere ? I’m also building a custom bed so i’ll adjust for the LM10UU there also.

@Jean-Francois_Coutur Original i3 design had short clearance for the carriage and frame. Bed is mounted on top of carriage and usually it is not a problem. I did not know you were using 10mm OD rods. That again is not i3 standard (they use 8mm rods instead). I’ve hosted six Prusa i3 workshops last year but we stuck to single frame http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:172887 I can see yours is going to be a wooden frame.

@Miguel_Sanchez I like the single frame. i’m thinking of making it out of MDF 15mm, in a single piece on my router table… (trough hole drop-in on a spiral cutter technique) and put longer back threaded rods so I can attach diagonal cross-braces with the top of the frame (I’ll have to design those parts has I build).

Should be fun to turn my old i2 into a i3.

@Jean-Francois_Coutur 15mm MDF seems overkill but if you have some leftover it is more than strong enough. I guess you know @Shane_Graber design for 6mm composite board (or MDF) https://github.com/sgraber/Prusa3_LC you can use that and adapt it to your thicker board.

@Miguel_Sanchez Thanks, I was looking for drawings… those will help a lot. !