I'm building a Polargraph/DrawBot with LW4 :) I implemented a translation of cartesian to

I’m building a Polargraph/DrawBot with LW4 :slight_smile:

I implemented a translation of cartesian to polar coordinates in lw-comm-server, which already works, but still working on the reverse translation so the workspace simulation on LW shows the correct tool position.

I’ve always wanted to build one of those

That’s a cool project. Are the lines on the square not precise because you’re still tweaking it or are they likely to be a little off always?

Very cool but I am trying to convince myself why I need one … oh right that’s true of most things I am building these days lol.

OMG! :slight_smile:

Its a cool factor type of device. Imagine you are walking pass by a caffe shop and there is a marker drawing something on the windows

@Ariel_Yahni_UniKpty we could build these to sell to hang in offices connected to the cloud doing random drawings and employee musings? Can we make it automatically erase?

@cprezzi where did you get the stepper mounts, parts etc?

@donkjr ​ I like the idea


I’m excited about this! I’ve been doing polargraph drawings for over five years, and have been watching Laserweb’s development with the intention of using it with my cartesian plotters. It would be great if I could use it for both style machines.

@kongorilla what machine design did you make?

@Ariel_Yahni_UniKpty - there’s another album that shows my old setups:

I haven’t taken pictures of my latest rig, which is fairly deluxe at this point. I’m useless when it comes to creating firmware/software, so I’m completely dependent on the work of people like @Sandy_Noble : http://www.polargraph.co.uk/

Maslow has some open source logic for vertical router CNCs that compensates for the weight of the hanging rig, allowing for people to customize things to their liking and the controller can calibrate accordingly. Not sure if it might come in handy here or not, so I thought I’d share: https://github.com/MaslowCNC

@donkjr I had those suction cups laying around and designed the motor mounts and gondula myself (3d-printed).
The other stuff like GT2 belt and pullys, servo and arduino + CNC-Shield was also “in stock” :wink:
I can post the stl’s, if someone has or can find the same suction cups. I got them at OBI.

@kongorilla Wau, you are a pro in polargraphs!
I just started rudimentary and did the math myself (on a basic level). I would be happy to optimize it with your knowledge.

@Todd_Fleming You could probably add a cam operation for TSP generation. That would also be interesting for laser engraving.

It’s already planned to make the gondula wireless (by IR), because I don’t like the cable for the servo :wink: