I'm brushing up on the current state of bowden extruders.

I’m brushing up on the current state of bowden extruders. I got fed up trying to get one to work three years ago (when they were a brand new concept) and haven’t played with one since, but like everything else, they seem to have come a long way since then.

Ultimaker, Reprappro, Seemecnc and Makibox are making machines that use them. Am I missing any? I’m particularly interested in knowing about any that are being sold separate from a printer. Reprappro’s and Seemecnc’s are, Ultimaker’s doesn’t seem to be (though you can probably get most of it as replacement parts). @Jonathan_Buford , are your extruder parts going to be available separately?

We will make both a direct drive hot end and drive design as well as a bowden type. Probably around June.

Most likely, it will be sold as a set complete with hot end and drive. The hot end nozzle assemblies are swappable, so it will be easy to have different ones for different sizes or materials. We are also looking into making a hot end variant good up to around 300C.

Foldarap uses them too.

@Miguel_Sanchez I know, but unless I’m mistaken, they’re A. using the one from Reprappro, and B. not selling them, which is why I didn’t include them in the list.

@Whosa_whatsis Facepalm!

The Tantillus uses a bowden, however it’s the same thing as the Ultimaker where you would have to buy all the pieces separately, though I’m sure Sublime would bundle them together for you.

I’ve been using the reprappro version for almost 2 years and love it.

I am sort of looking into the Rollerstruder right now. DIY and a pretty interesting design I think.