I'm at a loss! I just spent my night reading and watching videos on

I’m at a loss! I just spent my night reading and watching videos on chilipeppr and probing. For starters i’m running a Gradus M1 Pro GRBL 1.1 so when I go to Chilipeppr GRBL it says I should be using jpadie for the 1.1. The first GRBL chilipeppr workspace works fine, I can jog at decent speeds and it cuts great and everything is to scale. When I switch to jpadie (which is supposed to be for GRBL 1.1) the jogging is extremely slow no matter what I try and the Serial Port Console keeps refreshing to $13=1,$$ over and over. Also, when I try to Z probe the Z axis goes up not down and it seems to want to do it way faster than any of the videos I watched of probing. Ultimately I would love to be able to turn on my R7 and have it home to the same exact spot every time. Or does that mean I have to run homing every time I turn it on? Sorry for the huge paragraph and lots of questions but do appreciate the help, thank you!

First thing I check when a cut is running at abnormal speed is if the units are getting converted/used correctly. If it’s slow it might be trying to use mm when you are meaning inches. Problem gets reversed when the units get flipped the other way around!

I had the same problem with the Z probe using CNCJS and the M1, Adding a cap across the probe lines on the controller solved the problem.

@Eric_Weaver I have no problems in http://cnc.js but for some reason I can have the machine cutting for a bit and if I touch one if the rails the machine will pause. I checked all the wiring and everything is good so now I just don’t touch the rails while it’s cutting! Lol