I'm also looking into my options on adding a new bed to my K40

I’m also looking into my options on adding a new bed to my K40. While at it I’m thinking about making it motorized… I found the one from lightobject ( http://www.lightobject.com/Power-Z-Table-Bed-Kit-for-K40-Small-Laser-Machine-P722.aspx ) and I was wondering if anyone here is using it? Is it any good? And I’m also wondering if it’s really worth the money or can we make one ourselves for less money?

I see that they also offer a scissor-lift table. It costs more, possibly because it can take heavier loads. Are there other advantages or disadvantages ?

It seems to me that the parts for a lightweight scissor lift mechanism could be mostly laser cut, though the threaded parts and belt for the screwjack design are in any case fairly cheap.

Do you have a part number for the scissor one at LO? I’m not seeing it.

There’s this one, but it’s too big for the k40


There’s this one. It looks like a good design.

Not too happy with this design…
The pieces were razor sharp. Do not rub your hand around the table edge.
The taps were stripped out. Bad bearings, very cheap. Turns very hard and now I know why it needs so much power. Im actually designing a scissor lift table for my k40

I made my own scissor type lift and I adjust it with a knob. I should have made a double scissor like the one above. I would say mine is accurate to 1/16 inch but the lower it goes the more squishy it gets

That one is pretty nice, but not the z table puctured above…you got pics on yours ?

Yes that one is nice. I made mine because it was the simplest way I could think to make one with the stuff I had. I will try and post a picture.

The K40 one from LO looks nice but it seems to lock you in to the original x/y size of a K40. Scissor designs look like they don’t do that nearly as much.

Ya I making mine to utilize the whole area, why not

here is a picture of my adjustable table. It is 2.5 inches thick at its lowest setting and gives me 1.5 inches of adjustment. That includes the honeycomb top.

Here is a picture of my top and also shows my air assist hose.

Well done !! Did you add stepper too control height adjust ?

no. there is just a knob connected to the threaded rod on the left side. I thought about having it go through the side of the enclosure but there is plenty of room to adjust it inside the case.

Yes, the one Mark linked is the one I’d seen.

I’ve had one for 4 months now and no problems with it.

I also have one and it works great. I am considering rebuilding it to expand to the full k40 travel.

I own one of these and it’s so not thought out on so many levels. Frustrated I ended up taking it out completely and replacing with a $30 Amazon purchased scissor table. Not as pretty but it actually works 10x better.

I have one. It works well. Getting just the right tension on the belt was the trick to avoid jams.