I'm a newbie running OctoPrint.

(Brandon Cramer) #1

I’m a newbie running OctoPrint. Shouldn’t there be something under the gcode viewer tab?

(Pavel Omelchenko) #2

tick: sync… + Center… + zoom… + show movies + show retract

(Михаил Овсянкин) #3

Move left slider up to show different print layer.

(Pavel Omelchenko) #4

by default ticked Sync… and show moves with retract

(Brandon Cramer) #5

Still nothing. I had some of that stuff checked before I took this screenshot.

(Pavel Omelchenko) #6

Посмотри это, может быть как-то поможет https://github.com/foosel/OctoPrint/issues/501

(Pavel Omelchenko) #7

Как вариант попробуй задать ей вопрос напрямую в @OctoPrint

(Gina Häußge) #8

Nothing extruded (see layers printed vs visited), nothing to visualize.

(Eric Lien) #9

Yup you are viewing a break-in gcode. It is moves only. No extrudes to visualize :slight_smile:

(Brandon Cramer) #10

So you don’t see where the extruder travels here?

(Eric Lien) #11

Maybe click show moves?

(Brandon Cramer) #12

Just the blank screen still.

(Gina Häußge) #13

Might be that it does ignore files that only contain moves but no extrusion at all currently. Edge case.

(Adam Steinmark) #14

Fixed yet? I use octoprint. Sometimes this happens, I usually just have to load a different model, delete the original model from octoprint, then reupload and reload the file.

(Gina Häußge) #15

Fixed yet?

a) yours is a different problem

b) problem descriptions without stating which version of OctoPrint you are running are not helpful (that particular problem sounds like something fixed in 1.2.0)

c) the problem described here has a low priority since it only occurs for gcode files that contain no extrusion

d) there is no ticket in the bug tracker for it

e) this is the wrong place for reporting problems

f) I am on vacation and not working on OctoPrint during that gasp

(Adam Steinmark) #16

@Gina_Haussge Jeez way to be helpful. Only thing that was needed to be said was item B. I know this isn’t necessarily the place to post this but he probably gets quicker feedback and people are happy to help and it is 3D printing related. If it shouldn’t be here, @Whosa_whatsis would have removed it.

(Brandon Cramer) #17

@Adam_Steinmark No problem. It shows the version on the screen shot. My question has already been answered.

(Gina Häußge) #18

@Adam_Steinmark ​ You noticed the part I quoted was yours right? Notice anything odd about it that might explain my reaction?

(Adam Steinmark) #19

@bcrazycramer ​ thanks for the update. Happy printing

(Gina Häußge) #20

Let me explain myself: I read your comment @Adam_Steinmark ​ as a “is this fixed yet? I have the same problem”. I now realise that was probably not how you intended it to come out, but I get a lot of these things when helping people with their OctoPrint troubles, usually with the problem user B is experiencing being completely different from the one of user A. Pair that with something that sounds as demanding as “Fixed yet” and you can hopefully see how it happened that I misunderstood you and reacted like I did. From my point of view, the question of @bcrazycramer ​ had already been answered (or he’d probably spoken up about it ;)), so I simply interpreted your comment wrong. Sorry for that.