I'm a big proponent of Simplify3D,

(Robert Poole) #1

I’m a big proponent of Simplify3D, but they’re clearly blame-shifting for something that @Joel_Telling @3D_Printing_Nerd was able to demonstrate was not due to the user’s hardware or configuration. The misbehavior seems to be linked to user credentials.

(ThantiK) #2

Then just pirate it if they’re unwilling to figure it out. Or just don’t use the pre-configurator and set up the profile manually.

(Steven Leatherbarrow) #3

This is, I feel, an emerging problem with all aspects of cloud computing and, for the end user, it is completely demoralising and absolutely not acceptable.

(Eric Buijs) #4

A typical example where the software controls you instead of you controlling the software. Simplify3D uses severe restrictions on the use of their software be aware of that when you agree to their Terms and Conditions Reason enough for me never to use Simplifiy3D. From the Terms and Conditions I read:

‘You acknowledge that your use of this Site is at our sole discretion, and your license to use the site may be terminated by us at any time, for any reason or for no reason. We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to refuse service, to block or prevent future access to and use of this Site, to terminate any user’s account, and to alter or delete any material submitted to the Site through the user’s account. Following termination of this license, the terms of this Agreement shall still apply to the extent practicable.’

(Neil Darlow) #5

I wouldn’t pay to engage in those terms. I’ll stick with Ultimaker Cura and Slic3r Prusa Edition (although I’d prefer an updated standard Slic3r) thank you.

(Steven Leatherbarrow) #6

@Eric_Buijs those T+C’s make for pretty horrific reading. It shouldn’t be allowed.

(CELSS) #7

DRM: the bane of software and media usability. Just wait for the day when it’s incorporated into every printer and every stl file…