If your filament zooms off of the roll in mm/s terms, please test this Python script

If you have a volcano nozzle or some other setup that has a high filament feed rate, please try out this python script and see what you think. I was curious about just how fast the filament was getting pushed by my extruder, so I wrote this and included the ability to see how fast the filament could be pushed given other restraints.

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Most of my prints only push filament about 3mm/s and it looks like printing at 300mm/s would be about 12mm/s filament feed rate.

Now it can guess at the maximum effective print speed and acceleration setting based on an an optional jerk parameter. That way, you can get a good idea of the fastest you will ever push your filament for a part if you really push your settings to the limit.

It is funny that this project came about because I got curious after figuring out that I had my filament feed rate for my extrusion test set way too high. I was trying to extrude 100mm at 200mm/s to see if I was actually getting 100mm pushed through. No. I pushed more than 100mm at 100mm/s though. The thing is, I should have pushed at about 5mm/s so that I could be sure that amount was accurate. I could reach 5mm/s extrusion at 100mm/s.

Heh. Pronterface is mm/min in the controls. This means that if I need 4mm/sec extrusion for an 80mm/sec that I need 240mm/min extrusion calibrations to work right. It was not working at 200mm/min.

I wonder if this is the real reason why Cura slices outer walls at half speed. Not because details need to look good but because the stepper motor was not keeping up?