If you had an reliable multi-hotend printer, what hotend-combinations would you find handy?

If you had an reliable multi-hotend printer, what hotend-combinations would you find handy? Thinking about not just multicolour, instead mixing an E3D-V6 with a Volcano to give big prints bigger infill and saving time or something like that.

Yeah, I’d go for a 0.25mm, a 0.4mm and a Volcano.

Or a vulcano for infill and a diamond hotend for multicolor ?!

Good question. I am not interested in multicolour, at all. But the ability to print support that is cheap and easy to remove would be nice. I’m currently printing a replica of a Luger P08, and it takes a lot of effort to clean the parts. It takes more time to clean than to print. Sometimes I need to work more than an hour on a small part that takes only 10 minutes to print.
On the other hand, it is something I like to do…
Rebuilding my printer printer again, just after I’ve finally got it working perfectly, is not something I would enjoy at the moment. So, I guess I’ll stick to single extruder printing for a while, and learn to live with it.

0.4mm E3Dv6 for small/detail prints, ~0.8mm Volcano for large prints. (In theory you can use the 0.4 for perimeters and 0.8 for infill, but the toolchain complexity and dualstrusion downsides make this unfavorable in my opinion unless it’s 100% baked in by the OEM like in the Robox.)

I don’t personally have any use whatsoever for nozzles smaller than 0.4mm. Exponentially slower print speeds and not much quality difference except for micro-prints (which 99.9% of people don’t need to do.)

Bonus points for a third hot end for dissolvable support.

I am most interested in
a) Rene’s 3 separate hotends implementation.
b) a Prusa-style filament changer to be able to use multiple colors/ materials.

That would be the killer combo in my opinion.

I’m running the Chimera setup on my delta I like it but tuning the damn nozzle height is a pain at the moment. Tho once I get i t it shouldn’t change.

You dont need a vulcano. Get a chimera and a 0.8mm nozzle and you will do 2mm infillwidth

Baaahh, go away with the Chimera :smiley: Fixed Dual nozzle is so bad to print with. It is only worse with the Kraken :smiley:

@Rene_Jurack why? Have no issues…
@kenneth_rooks ​ whats the problem? Set the distance to the bed with a gauge at the first nozzle, move 18mm over to the other and let the second nozzle rest on the gauge then tighten. Done.

Gauge? @VolksTrieb ​ clue me in partner.

@kenneth_rooks a feeler gauge. Or use paper…

Gotcha, I used paper but I missed the step of actually moving the effector 18 mm to the same spot as the first extruder…like a dummy. Thanks for the tip @VolksTrieb

I’ve done a few dozen largish (150x200mm or larger) parts with material + HIPS, dual fixed hot ends. I fine-tuned the relative nozzle height by carefully shimming up one end or the other of the hot end carriage mount. It was more of a problem getting the HIPS to stick than getting good height on the nozzles.