If you can pocket cut with a cnc from an svg how about a

If you can pocket cut with a cnc from an svg how about a fill engraving option on the laser without having to save to a raster file first? Seems that the processing should be similar.

Agree…I’ve been doing this in V-carve with the Quick-Engrave. Just use a as the too diameter and a pocket operation. There are a couple different strategies that could be used…but if only the “insetting” strategy is in the code then use that one. The requirements for the operation are the same…a closed vector. The other option would be to convert the closed vector to a solid fill bitmap and raster that (under the hood of course). This would allow for easy raster with outline vector engrave/cut.

The more I look at the code, the more I’m not well suited to that style of development. I’m a C#/ASP.Net guy. I know javascript for the most part as it relates to my type of development but node.js and all of the relevant gcode creation is beyond me at this point.

That’s not to say I’m not still digging through the code to learn but it’s definitely a different skill set than I’m used to.