If ultimaker 2 support wood filament this is the answer from ultimaker support Originally

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If ultimaker 2 support wood filament this is the answer from ultimaker support

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My question was if I can use wood filament in ultimaker 2 I got the answer from the support of ultimaker in this email

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That sounds reasonable to me. There are a number of exotic and a few cheap filaments that you might want to flush out of the nozzle when you are done printing.

Here is an example of a filament that could cause trouble if left in your nozzle. I have found that my MonoPrice black filament has two melting points where one will ooze out of the nozzle at about 200C while I have to print at 238C or higher. The higher melting point material tends to coat the inside of my nozzle and I find it best to back the filament out all the way before it cools down. It is then best if I snip off the end of the filament before my next print session because that filament tends to be a bit of a plug. In fact, the 2nd material in the filament may need to be brought up to about 250-260C to melt properly.

There is no melting for wood. There is only burning. The plastic that is in the wood filament is most likely like the lower melting point component of my MonoPrice black filament. The wood in the wood filament would have to be much worse than the higher melting point component of my filament and would have a good chance of blocking up your nozzle instead of forcing you to use a higher temperature.

Mind you, I have no experience with wood filament myself, but to me, this seems like a very reasonable comparison.

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I have to order one and I will try and I will post the result in here I hope that will work well

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Remember to not let the woof filament stay in the hot zone too long or to let it cool inside your hotend.

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Thats what they told me to flush the nozzle by Pla every time I finish printing

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I wash my dishes every time I use them.

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I’ve used Laywoo-D filament to transition between PLA and ABS for ages without clogging. I’m not using an Ultimaker, but IMO there isn’t be a problem. The issues are:

  1. Don’t use a nozzle size less than 0.5mm for wood filament. Otherwise you WILL get clogging.
  2. Don’t run it too hot. It WILL burn, and you then could end up with carbon left over the inside of your hot end, which other plastics might stick to.

(PS: By too hot, I mean over 250 Deg C).

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I use the nylon cleaning method after each wood print (and sometimes during large prints if they take more than 3 hours). Works very well and I haven’t changed my hot ends for years now. It is described here in some detail: