If someone wants to tell me what is going on I'd love that.

If someone wants to tell me what is going on I’d love that. Motors are on separate drivers. Problem seems to follow the z driver.

I’m betting it has to do with the end stop configuration. Probably a wrong inversion of the z end stop coupled with it only stopping one motor. Try something to the effect of
M574 z1 x_neg,h_neg
I’m assuming you have configured h as slave to z here.

but this isn’t a homing move it’s a simple G01 not a G28. the motors are only be told to move in one direction at any time.

The end stop will be active no matter the move, unless you explictly disable it with the M574 command.

So would I have to disable and reable the end stop when I want to use them?

No, but it looks like something is stopping a motor in mid air, so that leads me to think that the end stop is not configured right. M119 will give you the status of the end stops. It can also be used to invert the end stops if they are non-inverted.

I’m more of file guy as apposed to just issuing gcode commands. the M574 command sets the high/low state of the switch as well as if it is min or max. i have set these in local.cfg, and added the h_neg to both the Z2 and Z1 endstops

M119 returned this “Recv: ok X1: False, X2: False, Y1: False, Y2: False, Z1: False, Z2: False” which is accurate for the position of the printer. being 100mm x 100mm and a unknown hight (since i can’t get it to z home)

switching the slaved driver makes it so that H motor just buzzes and the Z motor work freely

I also get a “Alarm: Stepper H” repeating in my terminal window

The current might be too high then on H, try lowering it.

I have both set to 1.2. But I’ve moved them down to 0.5 with the same result