If only RepRapDiscount would get off their collective rears and get Rumba boards out

If only RepRapDiscount would get off their collective rears and get Rumba boards out and available…

Tired of waiting. Anyone know of any other tri-extrusion capable boards?

From what i heard they have a bit of a problem getting certain components. I just sold my last RAMPS boards, i realy need a new Rumba soon :slight_smile:

It would be nice if they actually kept the people who are clamoring for these boards updated. Nothing worse than silence. I have 3 people building new machines, waiting on this board. They ask me constantly if I know anything about it. :confused:

Yikes, I just looked at the RepRapPro Tricolour Mendel. I didn’t realize that the used an additional Melzi board to drive the extra extruders.

As one of the lucky few how got in on the kickstarter I have to say that the Rumba is a nice board and worth the wait.

Same here, i much prefer it to RAMPS

stack 2 melzi!

Rumba is a lovely board. I was one of the first 10 backers on kickstarter. They do suck at the whole “Don’t be silent” thing though. I assumed I had been scammed, which was odd considering how reputable reprapdiscount is, and then it just showed up on my doorstep. No email confirming it or anything.

Yes, they were a bit overworked with that i guess :slight_smile:

The most recent Azteeg X3 boards have a shield that gives them connections for up to 4 extruders, though the last two connectors are 2x3 headers, and I’m not sure what driver boards are meant to be connected to them.

be even better if they re-place he bad one they sent me over 2 moths ago

I’ve got one, still working on the machine that it will run. I’ve seen reports of problems with reprapdiscount stuff, but US$150 for Board, 6 Drivers, Thermistors, Cables, and LCD/SD is crazy cheap.

It’s only cheap if it works!!!

@Auzze_Auzze , these boards should largely be easy to repair; what’s wrong with yours?

micro stepping don’t work, can’t turn on the heatbed via sftware, unstable hotend control, 2 driver boards don’t work

Microstepping should be pretty easy to get around. You’ve merely got to tie MS1, MS2, MS3 high/low according to the A4988 datasheet. Should be easy to accomplish with some jumper wires and a quick dab of solder.

The 2 driver boards should be swapped around to ensure it’s not some faulty part of the rumba, if it’s not, then this isn’t the Rumba that’s faulty, it’s the driver board.

Unstable hot end control; any more info on this? As in it fluxuates a bunch? You should PID-tune using M303 S200 if that’s the case. Then M500 to save the PID settings.

Also, have you used the latest versions of Marlin, or are you using the default firmware that was written on the board when you got it? The heated bed actually has its own power input on the board, and if you don’t have that hooked up (or jumpered over to your main input) then the heat bed won’t turn on.

Yes, running marlin-Delta with a few mods.

driver boards were tested on my ramps 1.4 and found to be dead.
Auto turned the hotend and set the pid, tried a few different thimistors, still same problem.

Running 2 power supplies one for power and one for heatbed, No luck with heatbed, checked the opin.h to see if that was correct.

I brought this board as I wantedto run 3 hotends on my Rostock, just have to wait and see if I get a new one…