If my printer is unable to succesfully print off a set of Herculien Parts

(Jim Stone) #1

If my printer is unable to succesfully print off a set of Herculien Parts in ABS

Whom here could print me some Herculien parts in ABS? Color doesnt really matter.

(Zane Baird) #2

What parts do you need?

(Jim Stone) #3

If my printer keeps up being unreliable…all of them for the herculien

(Zane Baird) #4

I can print the mechanical necessities to get you up an running, just waiting on a couple PC panels so I can fully enclose my printer for high quality
ABS prints

(Jim Stone) #5

that would be most appreciated. then i can forcefeed/ babysit my unreliable POS for the not so much needed bits.

all my parts are arriving mid nov - early dec im gettin an early xmas :’) hehe

just left to source are small things. like hobs etc. oh and the 24v psu. ( not sure if one on ebay is legit or good)


(Zane Baird) #6

It should be fine. Just don’t skimp on the the extruder. That ultimately dictates the quality at which you can print.

(Eric Lien) #7

@Jim_Stone also that PSU is overkill. I really should update the BOM. Now that the bed runs on an SSR you are only driving steppers and the hot end from the PSU.

(Eric Lien) #8

But Meanwell really makes great PSU’s.

(Jim Stone) #9

hahaha you dont know overkill XD im currently running my printer from 12v 85a server PSU hehehehehe

(Jim Stone) #10

so serious question. what psu would be fine? theres one in my area. it was just a lower wattage.

(Eric Lien) #11

I recently used this one on the delta. Not a meanwell, but good quality and seems to work just fine:

Genssi 24V 14.5A 350W Regulated Switching Power Supply https://www.amazon.com/dp/B005CLDOW8/ref=cm_sw_r_other_awd_YRYkwbHTBSMWJ

(Eric Lien) #12

But check the panel cutouts and mounts for the enclosure if you change PSU’s

(Jim Stone) #13

would the 350w meanwell of the same range work then? usually when i build a pc i usually go overkill on the PSU as i cant figure out how much i really do need

(Eric Lien) #14

@Jim_Stone should be plenty. I think even 300W would do it fine. But there are plenty of nice supplies in the 350W range to choose from.

(Jim Stone) #15

yup. my current printer just let out the blue smoke. friend was near and spilled their tea into it :frowning:

so looks like i will need some halp on ALL the pieces. can comp for plastic used and shipping

(Zane Baird) #16

@Jim_Stone I should be able to start printing them later this week. I will likely print the pieces in a combination of white and silver ABS

(Jim Stone) #17

Thank you so much

(Jim Stone) #18

@Zane_Baird what are you wanting for them btw. plus my cost of shipping of course

(Zane Baird) #19

@Jim_Stone If you want I will print them at no cost (other than shipping) if you buy a roll of ABS in the color you want them printed and have it shipped to me. Send me a message and we can discuss the details.