If I set "leds_disable" to true, I no longer can connect via USB.

If I set “leds_disable” to true, I no longer can connect via USB. As soon as I set it back to false, I can connect via USB-host. Is this a bug or a feature? :smiley:

That is a very weird one. What do the LEDs do when it’s not working ?

Wait … that’s stupid, realized it while clicking “post” …

Well this is a pickle … the only way of debugging what’s going on is disabled while you are doing the only thing you can do to reproduce the bug …
Board is azsmz right ?

Nope. Its a cohesion3d-Remix. The one with 6 stepper sockets. In order to being able to use the 6th stepper socket, I have to disable the leds, to make free some I/Os

Maybe @raykholo has an idea ?

Yeah, I think so. I was just asking to make sure. I didn’t know if this is like it has to be or not.

disabling leds cannot affect USB at all. period.
I suspect you either have a config file corruption where the setting in the config file is also affecting some other setting, or there is something weird about the board you are using.
NOTE you cannot entirely disable leds, they are set to output and toggled before it even reads the config, so anything you use for the leds pins needs to be able to tolerate that. disabling leds in config will only stop the leds from toggling once smoothie has booted and configured itself. TBH if there are no leds then it is not a truly smoothie compatible board.

Here is the config.txt: https://www.dropbox.com/s/i175g01sllfzcoq/config.txt?dl=0
If I change the parameter disable_leds, I can’t connect via usb anylonger. The board in question is a cohesion3d-remix, handtested by the creator himself…

And @raykholo told me, that I have to disable the LEDs when using the 6th stepper.

@Rene_Jurack Did you write that config file or was it provided for your Cohesion board ?

I wrote that from scratch via the smoothieware wiki and adjusted the needed pins to the ones, @raykholo told me to.

@Rene_Jurack I think it’s just too large for Smoothie to handle. Can you try again by taking Smoothie’s example config file and modifying it to fit your needs ?

I have to say, everything works with 2 extruders and leds on. For the 3rd extruder, I have to disable leds and put 3 pins to dir, enable and steps. Looks like this: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7vmq765y4vk7yo3/config_3ext.txt?dl=0

@Rene_Jurack Yeah Smoothie was designed to handle the config file we provide, I think you were just lucky it worked up to that point

@Arthur_Wolf Where is said example config? I looked for one and didn’t find it. Thats why I wrote it from scratch via wiki…

But, sidenote… You are telling me, that the config file can be too big? o0

http://smoothieware.org/configuring-smoothie it’s linked to in many places I think you need to read the documentation before moving forward, if you missed this you must have missed a lot

@Rene_Jurack Yep, we use pretty much all of the chip to it’s maximum, there are some limits like that that users don’t normally meet. But rewriting config from scratch and making it much larger than the standard one would do it …

That big blue button. Hmm. Ok. Dunno how I oversaw that. But: I read nearly all of the documentation… And I don’t ask the simple questions :wink: