If I move a 3D printer by car every week, will it break?

If I move a 3D printer by car every week, will it break?

Depends entirely on the printer.

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Are you dragging it or pushing it with your car?

You need to define “break”. Will components physically break? Highly, highly unlikely unless you’re driving off road. What I think you’re actually wanting to know is “will it need recalibrating”.

That’s possible, but that is what is more machine dependent.

Most hobby-level 3D printers will “break” (i.e. need some form of repair) even without moving it.

@Francis_Lee dragging it obviously :3

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Tight nuts and bolts on regular time. Secure it firmly so it dont shake on trip. (Maybe using the same box it cames as new). And buy a decent metal frame printer. Should be fine.

@Sampii ha-ha well seriously though it’s a concern of mine too. I’m going to be moving one shortly that may not be the best for moving, so I have to figure it all out.

@Francis_Lee yeah I agree I heard something about how when moving it can disalign something and then the quality worsens over time

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Exactly. I have bar clamps that are getting old… I’ll need to replace them before I go to move it or else they’ll fall apart. moving it around in a vibrating vehicle will definitely cause breakage in the future.

The only printer I know of ‘designed’ to be moved was the Bukito. I transported mine by hand or sitting on the back seat on a daily basis for over a year. For my Orion delta I’m arranging a padded shopping cart/basket with 12" wheels and will move slowly maybe once a week. Can let you know how it goes.

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You may need to recalibrate it. Also, it would be wise to use zip ties or something to stop it from moving. Movement could cause power to surge through the board from the steppers and something could break from thrashing around or vibration.

We’ve taken our makerbot replicator out to events several times. No problems.

I would say go gently it should be fine.

Our printers have been on many car journeys with no problems so far, except built plate re-levellling: Ultimaker 2, Maker Bot replicator 2, several types of Sharebots, a Robox and Flash Forge creator. Just pack them in tightly and nice and flat and don’t crash. I was thinking of investing in or making a hard carry box with good packing also because it would make carrying them into the location safer as not bashing the printers when hand carrying them around a venue can be more of an issue than the transport.

Depends on how far you drive and the road conditions.

Back when I had my smartrap, one of the most "flimsy"printers, I took it to a competition a couple hours away. When I got there had to adjust the z offset and that was pretty much it!!!

I have carried my current printer to and from school for months now and it hasn’t needed any more than an occasional z offset adjustment as well.