If anyone's curious as to why Umikaze 2.1.1's been delayed, well,

If anyone’s curious as to why Umikaze 2.1.1’s been delayed, well, I’m sorry to say it’s probably mostly my fault.

I’ve started a new job in March in a startup, and as you all know, startups are rumored to eat your time. Sadly, in my case it’s not a rumor. I’ve had to make it clear I needed enough sleep to be productive, and luckily management is agreeable to the suggestion that they’d rather have a smart programmer than a dummy code monkey.

Also, my Kossel Mini wasn’t fitting the bill for my printing project anymore, so I decided I wanted something bigger… And the re-design and assembly took for ever because, well, see paragraph above. However I’m now happily printing with what I’ve dubbed “the Monster Kossel”, which is in essence a Kossel XXL. The whole Monster Kossel files for the printed parts are online at https://www.thingiverse.com/goeland86/collections/monster-kossel

I’m still documenting things and I believe the effector I tweaked still needs to be uploaded somewhere as well (it’s a remix though, nothing fancy yet), so, I’ll try to get to Umikaze 2.1.1 soon - in the meantime I’m still using 2.1.0 with minor tweaks and Redeem/develop branch on the Monster.