If anyone is interested,

If anyone is interested, I was able to hook up the TinyG to a CNC Shark and run it with Chilipeppr. John has done an outstanding job of explaining the setup. It just took a little time to figure out all the required settings since the Shark specs are not completely available. I love the ability to tinker with the controller software and add on widgets as needed. Let me know and maybe I can save you some time.

What controller is in that thing?

The CNC Shark uses a proprietary controller from NextWave Automation. It is a turn key package and got me started with CNC machines. Not much you can change on it but I nice way to get started. It was the “hacker” side of me that drove me towards more of an open source concept.

@Phil_Aldrich this is the first time I have seen TinyG drive a Shark. I dont think any of our other customers have done this before. Too Cool! Do have any pics? I would like to put them up on the synthetos wiki. Oh and would you post your configuration file too?

Will do. It will take me a few days to pull it all together. I will say that I have had a blast playing around with this. I can’t wait to see where you all take this. I hope I can help contribute to its success.

Basic setting info for setting up the CNC Shark for TinyG can be found at the link below. I also put a short video clip of it in action.