If anyone has tried ordering a J-head from reifsnyderb,

If anyone has tried ordering a J-head from reifsnyderb, and always noticed that they were out of stock, I talked to him and got an explanation (which wasn’t quite on the website at the time): He’s got a lot of bulk orders because people who are selling kits for machines want huge batches. He is putting about 20-30 up on Fridays for individuals. So if you need a J-head, order it on Friday.

He’s also tossing around the idea about selling assemble-yourself hot-ends for those who need a j-head right now but aren’t willing to wait until Friday, but is worried about quality control and the things he might run into by offering that option. He’s currently got his hands very busy.

Got that explanation earlier this week when I was too slow on ordering mine. Ordered mine today and getting stock for my x platform monday.

I think he’s perpetually out of stock, I pestered the poor guy for three days straight on IRC and he finally told me when he’d be back in stock. Jumped on it within 10 minutes of when he re-stocked the website. (It’s been a month or two since this now) I suppose demand so great you can’t keep up with it isn’t a bad thing.