If anybody gets an M3 Nano (not M2 throw that away) don't trash the software

If anybody buys a laser and gets an M3 Nano purple board it has some yet undocumented PWM support, keep the software long enough to figure out the PWM control stuff. Most of the rest should be the same.

The GPIO added to the board (upper left-hand side) is likely just shorting SCL pin on the CH341B chip there and using the returned status as input. But, the PWM is likely hacked into the actual control codes so updating the Lhymicro-gl.

I author MeerK40t and to support the PWM, I’d need to know what it uses to control the PWM. Likely they added a quick control code with a value.


Hello @Tatarize. I just got a laser with a M3 nano board and I am willing to help. Tell me what you need. Be aware that I am new to lasers but I love to learn.


One note,
I am colorblind :sweat_smile: Is there a way to see if my board is purple? Some serial nr or by some port?

Did you get software with the board? I haven’t seen that any vendors have piped up with software here.

(FWIW I think it’s just that it says “m3 nano” — I think “purple” is additional to help people recognize, I don’t think there’s different variants of the m3 nano board.)

Here is the picture of the board and it is the same as o the picture above

And here are the files I got on the USB with the machine. There is CorelLaser and LaserDRW but I haven’t used them at all, I went to K40 Whisperer right away.

[attached software removed by moderator to avoid copyright concerns]

Let me know if you need anything else!


Thank you for being willing to provide the software. I know that @Tatarize was previously looking for the software, and having the hardware he should obviously have the associated software, but also without a license or permission from the copyright holders, I think that we shouldn’t host the files for unrestricted download. To avoid any problems with copyright, I’m going to remove the file. My removing it doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate the share, we’re just being careful about copyright.

Thank you for providing it!

You can always also check the version number the m3s are M3:V10s most of the M2s are V10. Also they have two extra plugs in the upper right and upper left of the board for the pause switch and PWM.

Good on you, but there’s some subtle irony about worrying about the IP rights of the same folks who send you an ancient hacked version of Corel Draw.

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Old copy of software.

Even the internal data are circa more than a couple years ago. Which DQs it. The last version of the software was 2013, I doubt it even compiles anymore and they likely need to pull a lot of strings or whatever. But, still need to keep looking around and hope it comes up.

Yeah, what I don’t want is to have to deal with the assertions if they show up. I don’t have the sense that they are themselves careful about others’ copyrights, just ultimately trying to stay out of trouble. :grimacing:

Sorry for uploading it, I did not think about it.
If you want me I will upload it to my personal drive and add a link.
@Tatarize I am sorry this does not help you. I am good with the guy that installed my laser and will ask him if he can ask the manufacturer for the software for M3 nano

I didn’t like deleting it, and I appreciate your being helpful!

I am good to set a link with the files in a zip archive?

You can decide what you host, I just don’t want to make copyright trouble here. This is tricky. :cry:

As @Tatarize points out, they hacked an old version of Corel Draw. But that means that we could get in trouble that way too.

Oh, true that.

Yeah, if anybody else wants to send me things my email is tatarize at my gmail email. While I do not actually think the IP wishy-washy people behind the software (I’m thinking new software still does not exist) there absolutely is a second hand chance they include a pirated version of Corel Draw, and Adobe would absolutely come at you for that.


I will not post anything here then. If anyone needs the software feel free to write to me and I will send a link.

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Also this does help. They got the board in China fairly recently. If they had new software they wouldn’t send it to the people buying single boards but they should send it to folks buying new lasers. That they don’t, strongly implies that no such software existed 1 week ago + shipping from China time.


I wrote to my laser guy who buys lasers directly from china in ship containers and he did not see a new version yet. He will send it to me if he gets it since he saw I was really curious about it.

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Officialish links in China for the actual software that matches the boards. They are “protected” by that dongle.

I don’t even need the new version I probably just need a same saved .egv file with PPM turned on (mostly).

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I will be on the lookout to find something, I think that as time goes by some program will surface.
I just downloaded this setup. If you want I can get Corel on my PC and try it out with your guidence. I can check if that dongle I got with the machine works

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Hello, I installed all 3 programs last night and just opened LaserDRW and Winseal XP since I don’t have CorelDraw. I tried to find the PPM modulation in these two, but could not find it. The USB dongle I got with the machine works.
Also, I saw I can import an EGV file but could not find how to save one and send here.
So if anybody knows where to look or if wants to connect to my PC and check I am open to help.

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