Idea for improvement: In my discovery learning,

Idea for improvement: In my discovery learning, I have found it very time consuming and challenging to get your laser settings “just right” when setting up a job on various materials. I know that the settings are not linear and seem to vary quite a bit from machine to machine and material. I also have seen some concern in this forum over the recent speed vs power changes in the Smoothie firmware. My thought/idea would be to create a capability in LaserWeb to take into consideration the 3 main factors that result in a satisfactory run (speed, power, and material) and store this info in a “material database” that could be easily recalled when setting up a new job. To take this a step further, take the classic gray scale (10-ish shades of gray), and setup your laser power level to produce the perfect shading based on each individual shade of gray (and the type of material and speed you desire). Store each of these individual “perfect” shade settings in the above mentioned DB. The software would need to calculate the in-between shade settings to create a smooth transition from one gray scale shade to the next. This would take some time for the user to setup but ultimately would fine tune the machine to the material/job you are trying to run and make quick work of getting a job setup without a lot of trail and error pre-work. Thoughts?

I indeed like the idea to be able to save my own settings based on material experience