I'd love to see someone Thomas Sanladerer MakerMuse do a vid on the new

I’d love to see someone @Thomas_Sanladerer @MakerMuse do a vid on the new prusa i3 firmware updates (maybe couple it with how to do a firmware update?)

Loose pulleys test added to the self test
Statistics fixed
PID tuning fixed and saving parameters to EEPROM enabled
Stop print function fixed
Load filament function improved
Stack guard added
XYZ calibration updated
Factory reset has new menu
Missing “Move Z” option fixed

i’m particularly interested in seeing how the "loose pulleys test is done…

alas I’d just do it myself but i’m not going to have any time in the foreseeable future weekend to do anything with 3d printing :frowning:

Is a firmware update worth its own video? Well, ok, I guess it is…

Our new Simple Pro firmware update (over the air) goes like this:

when asked “do you want to update firmware?”

  1. Press yes.
  2. Walk away.

If both instructions are not followed and instead people press yes, see screen go black, freak out, start power cycling in the middle of update… well,

  1. Read instructions to recover


@Thomas_Sanladerer see how the new firmware compares to the old firmware on your FrankenPrusa :slight_smile: