I'd like to use "Feedrate X" feature to change the feed rate during a

I’d like to use “Feedrate X” feature to change the feed rate during a job, but usually there are thousands of lines already sent. Is there a way to reduce the buffer size? I’m using an Inventables X-Carve with Arduino gShield controller, and both Chilipepper and SPJS are running on a Windows XP laptop.


Take a look at github in the readme and maybe even try to compile because it’s in the new spjs.

Okay, I got SPJS 1.85 built and working. So it looks like I can type the fro command into SPJS console at any time? Would you recommend doing a freehold before overriding the feedrate and then cycle start after?

You have to do the fro command from the serial port Json server console rather than the serial port console. You do not need to do a feed hold.

Is the feedrate on Z cuts (plunge rate) scaled also, or is this just for XY cuts? I’d like it if all F’s were scaled by the fro factor.

All f’s are scaled