Id' like to show you my personal 3D printing project called GuerillaBeam .

(Christian Werner) #1

Id’ like to show you my personal 3D printing project called @GuerillaBeam .
It’s a 3D printable projector, that can use arbitrary camera manual focus lenses and LED lights. It’s solid state and portable and yet superior to classic slide- and gobo projectors.

It includes more than 700 hours of work (not counting the printing), much love to detail, and has a whole system of many adapters and tripod + accessory mounts for attaching anything you’d like (cameras for instance).

I plan on manufacturing them, and also to make them available for downloading for a small fee (CC licensed). Please let me know if you are interested or have any ideas and questions about it! Thanks :slight_smile:


(Bambos Iguanadon) #2

Awesome! Absolutely love it.


Very cool idea and use of 3D printing… Cheers!

(Robert Reinhardt) #4

Great Project! What kind of lens mount do you use?

(Tim Jacobsen) #5

Pretty cool, I would be interested in supporting this project if it were properly Open Source, you’ll end up making far more money and friends :wink: Plan on selling online with good SEO and let everyone else help out on upgrading and improving your products… Word of mouth travels far! But you’ve probably already carefully thought this through?? Awesome idea regardless!! I imagine this would work great with a good laser pointer too, you may only need one lens too…

(Neon Blister) #6

Totally agree Tim and what an awesome project sucsess.

I want one now!

(kus) #7

What’s the nearest working distance? Thanks

(Ethan Hall) #8

How much do the nonprinted parts and the stls cost?

(Eric Cha) #9


(Christian Werner) #10

@Robert_Reinhardt I use all kinds of lens mounts, like M42, Canon EF, Pentax… It’s quite easy to make adapters for all but breech-lock mounts. :slight_smile:

(Christian Werner) #11

@Tim_Jacobsen I want to make it Open Source, thats how I planned it. However, full disclosure is much work, and i can only do it step by step. So please stay tuned. :slight_smile:

(Christian Werner) #12

@kus11 Minimum working distance is basically the same as one of the lens used. However you can switch lens and light on the GuerillaBeam. This puts the lens 12mm more away from the slide, giving you macro extension and siginficantly lower mimimum projecting distance (like 0.3m instead of 1m). In addition you could insert additional extension rings for as little minimum distance you want.

(Christian Werner) #13

@Ethan_Hall Suitable flashlights cost from 40$. A really good old SLR lens would cost about the same, but you can get nice 50mm lenses for $10 or less.

(Christian Werner) #14

Would you buy the .STL files for € 23 or € 42?

(Ethan Hall) #15

@Christian_Werner I believe that is to much and I would not be willing to pay for it.

(Christian Werner) #16

@Ethan_Hall What’s the largest prime number you’d be willing to pay? :slight_smile:

(Ethan Hall) #17

@Christian_Werner 17 USD

(Christian Werner) #18

So, i’ve put it online. Butwhat does it cost?
Not 17, not 23, certainly not 1337, it’s priced …
$9.11 (it’s a prime number in cents).

(Ethan Hall) #19

@Christian_Werner where online? Link?