I would love to know what everyone is using for CAD software.

I would love to know what everyone is using for CAD software. I come from Autocad background. You just can’t beat typing commands on a prompt line for 2D and proprietary dxf or dwg for accuracy. I’ve downloaded LibreCAD and attempted to export to JSCUT without success. Maybe my lines need to be a certain color?

I’ve been using OnShape, which is an online 3D parametric solid modeller. It has a free option.

OnShape just needs a browser with WebGL capabilities, and I’ve been using it under linux, I’ve also used FreeCAD, but right now I like OnShape better.

I like Fusion360 because it is free for makers and has an amazing cam package as well. All in one tool, love it.

yeah, it took me a while, but I eventually have caved to Fusion 360. From what I understand, the CAM in it is world class stuff. And given that this expensive software is effectively free to hobbyists, it’s hard to pass up.

I watched a few different tutorials, but this one was the one that eventually put me over the edge: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DHrP1MunhFw

I’m using Sketchup with a dxf-export add-in. Using it for many years now (mainly for modelling of stl-files for 3d-printing) so it was a natural option. It’s supersimple to model stuff - and it is free as Fusion360 :slight_smile:

There are also some very cool add-ins e.g. for milling to make dog-bones.

Awesome suggestions!

What files extensions will chilipeppr accept? Text or tap extensions? I’ve dropped a few files in with interesting odd results. My cam chooses code structure by make of machine…fadel,fanuc etc. I know chilipeppr or tiny g follows some nist model…is it a text file? Getting ready to convert from mach3 once I have internet hard wired to garage. Sick of using multiple old computers with xp and old software on different computers. everything needs to work from one new computer or or network.

I use easel to generate the gcode, works really well, at least with an x-carve

Does anyone know what file extensions chilipeppr accepts or understands?.. i.e. .txt, tap, gcode…etc.

LibreCAD is a good 2D CAD package. It’s free and open source.