I would love to know how much money I need to save for my

I would love to know how much money I need to save for my future 3D printer.

A printrbot jr kit will cost you $400. the only headache might be assembling it (it can take awhile, at least when I made my PLUS, instructions weren’t great).
A bukobot starts at $850
A solidoodle costs around $500.
A makibox will go as low as $200 (nobody has one yet - and it’s got a very small build volume)
The above companies will sell you a complete kit with which you can make your printer (you won’t have to worry about buying everything separately/ missing parts).

http://reprap.org has instructions and BOMs for making your own reprap (you’ll probably have to go to a hackerspace near you to print some parts / buy them online) Making your own will cost around $400-600

A Wallace, however, apparently will only set you back around $300 and has a fairly large build volume, which is fantastic (and also the reason why I’m planning on making one when v2 comes out)

Some other companies sell printers for $2000 and up, and that’s usually beyond most of our price ranges. These tend to be out-of-the-box setups for people who don’t want to assemble it.

This is a great community with people who know everything there is to know about 3d printing and are willing to help you out.

Between $200 and $4000, depends on what you want to print, and how technical are you.

I built a Mendel90 from scratch using the plans at http://reprap.org/wiki/Mendel90. I sourced all the parts from eBay and printed my own plastic parts on a Huxley printer. I spent about £400 on the basic machine, although I have spent more since then on various upgrades. The designer, nophead, now sells complete Mendel90 kits for £500 which seems like very good value to me.

Wow 200$ is that it. I can get one sooner then expected.

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Thanks for the information

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