I would love some help.

I would love some help. I got a Shapeoko 2 with Grbl (Arduino Uno + Gshield). serial-port-json-server is working and I can connect to it however, when I connect, the only option that seems to accept commands is TinyG but right after it sends the last initialization command everything else goes to the buffer and is not process. Here a picture of it with the logs. HELP!

The Grbl workspace is on the homepage and the direct url is http://chilipeppr.com/grbl

When I try the grbl it doesn’t even get to send any command. Logs keeps in loop. Here (PICT)

Found the solution. I have an old firmware on my Uno and it only supports connecting with 9600. It doesnt support 115,200. I was able to get it to work with 9600. I will update the Uno and report back.

@Francisco_Frederico I went to grbl1.1f and now I have NaN entries for cordinates.

@NathanielStenzel ​ The grbl workspace supports only 0.9j-.

There is an exploratory workspace that supports grbl 1+ at http://chilipepper.com/jpadie

@Justin_Adie thanks for letting me know about that one. :slight_smile:

Note that on the exploratory workspace there is a bug which prevents it from autoswitching to inches to when gcode with G20 commands is loaded. I’m hoping to chase that down in the next couple of days.

http://Chilipeppr.com/jpadie. You had an ‘e’ that does not belong.

Quite right!

@NathanielStenzel I have just found this grbl controller and so far love it but I also have NaN entries for coordinate location after updating grbl to 1.1f. I don’t have this problem with my other grbl controllers

@Westin_Williams maybe we will both try out the chilipeppr experimental fiddle link that I corrected above

After getting the grbl 0.9j on my Uno I have been using Chillipeppr without a problem. Its the perfect platform for me. I installed the serial server on a Raspberry Pi which is now plugged to my Shapeoko and I control it remotely and for small things locally from the Raspberry Pi itself. I didn’t want to keep a laptop or a computer in my workshop due to the dust and the Raspberry Pi was just perfect. I’m very happy with it. The only problem I found is that for large files I need to open from my computer (not from the Raspberry Pi) and I need to use Firefox as Chrome crashes when loading large files.

This jpadie fiddle for Chilipeppr works nicely as far as I am cocerned. http://chilipeppr.com/jpadie As mentioned before, it is an experimental one for GRBL1.1.