I would like to know if there has been any work on material manufacturing

(John Keenan) #1

I would like to know if there has been any work on material manufacturing at home with reusable substances?
Such as taking bones from a meal and reconstituting it into a printable material, or perhaps wood fibers etc.
Also, is it possible to make PLA at home? Or would it be too expensive a process to undertake on such a scale?
I ask because I plan to live a very self sufficient life style after I’m done with university, 3D printing could make said life easier if material manufacturing were possible at the home.

(Marcus Wolschon) #2

I’m waiting for the “Ramen” from Maxible.

(Victor Didra) #3

Exactly. We’re almost there, we just need the raw materials to be locally sourced.

(Marcus Wolschon) #4

Mostly there? Wich one can be purchased and has anyone ever meassured the consistency of diameter, roundness, trapped moisture, trapped air, melting point and color?
I consider this an experiment.
I don’t think industrial extruding machines are this long just because they like it that way.

(Victor Didra) #5

Actually, I meant mostly there in terms of “we’ve almost brought the whole system home.” This would be the final step.

(John Keenan) #6

I’m also looking forward to both the Makibox and Ramen, I’ve been waiting for them for nearly a year now, just wish my educational expenses didn’t suck away my cash.
I guess I’ll just have to experiment at home when I get my Ramen and Box.
But while still on the subject, does anyone know how fine the pellets have to be for the Ramen to extrude them? Or is that information yet to be released? I’d search the website but I doubt I’d get farther than I would here.

(jinx OI) #7

There making progress http://filabot.com/

(John Keenan) #8

Thanks Jinx