I would like to know if the +MakerBot    Thermocouple has something special?

I would like to know if the +MakerBot #replicator2 Thermocouple has something special? (very NOOB in electronics)
Do I need to know something to buy a new one and replace it?

Thanks a lot…

The makerbot support phone number.

I doubt the part number would be easy to track down.

In fact, the reason I am asking the reason is I want to get rid of Makerbot and hack my printer.
I am having thermocouple problems for more than a month know, with no solution given by @MakerBot1

You could probably replace the controller with a RAMPS board and an arduino running Marlin, and then kapton-tape a new thermistor (e.g. one listed in the Marlin source) onto the hot end.

@Michael_Hohensee Interesting… But, for the moment, I am really too new with #3Dprinting and #electronics to consider this solution which really goes too far for me.

I wonder if Flashforge and/or Wanhao use the same thermocouple in their clone printers. You might want to source the part from them.

Should be a standard type k thermocouple.

@Jeremy_Green THANKS a lot for giving me a track to follow

@Jeremy_Green You were right! Bilby CNC (from Australia) is selling a Type K Thermocouple as a Replicator 2 spare part.
Unfortunately, it seems hard to find in Switzerland.
Thanks a lot one more time.

It’s a pretty standard industrial part. Places like McMaster Carr sell them in the states. Not sure what the equivalent would be there.

Yeah a K type thermocouple is aluminum nickel and nickel chromium junction. All k types have the same materials regardless

Thanks a lot, you all… I was also wondering if the screw at the end of the Replicator 2 thermocouple is soldered (is a part of) to the rest of the TC or if it could be disassembled.
If you look at Bilby CNC TC, it is sold with the screw at the end of the part.