I work with a CAD system that has terminology and methods that sometimes get

I work with a CAD system that has terminology and methods that sometimes get me confused when learning new CAD or similar SW.

I downloaded LightBurn today and watched the video’s. But somewhere along the line I have missed a “how to operation” for what I call trimming or extending of a line. It seems the term may have changed because I cannot find how to do it.

In the system I have I can “trim” a line to an intersection of two lines, a point mark on the line, an arc or a datum point on a line.

I can extend a line or arc by picking the end and clicking on a place or by using a few other methods of defining that point.

Can someone give me the method of doing this in LB? I’m really looking forward to trying out LightBurn!

There is a Lightburn group on Fb and also G+. I recommend the fb one, more activity there, and asking the dev there.

I think you would rely on snapping one line to a point on another. I don’t believe there is a trim functionality available at this time, at least that I have found during testing and documentation.

We check in here, too. There is currently no means to do what you describe. Features for node editing will improve over time - we’re big fans of Vectric software and the features they provide for node editing are the bar we’re striving for.

Thanks’ for the feedback! I look forward to that addition when it occurs. People will be amazed how fast they can generate 2D vector drawings with it.
I can only imagine how much effort and thought you have put into this already!