I wonder if there's a good VR UI approach for CNC work.

I wonder if there’s a good VR UI approach for CNC work. My HTC Vive is on order.

Which part of the process do you want to do in vr? Design? CAM?

CAM; someone else could tackle making design tools.

+Peter van der Walt Z isn’t up in your viewer :slight_smile:

I wanted to place ChiliPeppr’s widgets into the scene like http://mrdoob.com/lab/javascript/threejs/css3d/ does, but hit a roadblock. PC headsets need image distortion; CSS can’t do that. They also need to render each image twice; CSS can’t do that either. It looks like each widget needs 2 UIs: a normal one and a VR one.

This is a neat UI: https://youtu.be/yEcnYo1CzdE