I wonder if Herculien can use these as well.

I wonder if Herculien can use these as well. Nvm, the bearing plate in the Herculien looks beefier.

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Found these, which basically look like the 3D printed versions that are being used for the Ingentis, except - hey, METAL! They also have 10mm, 12mm diameters and an added benefit is set screws!

Probably gonna order 8 of these and replace my printed brackets with them.

I ran into the same one looking for alternatives for the Eustathios. Amazon (Prime) has them if you don’t want to wait for China lead times. http://amzn.com/B00H8QGIO6

@Isaac_Arciaga i love that they are marked as Prime shipping. :slight_smile: so, for those of us that literally don’t have any other parts for their Eustathios yet and would need parts printed anyway, would it be worth going ahead and getting this and accepting the lead time? i’d think being on the pay-it-forward list and waiting on someone’s printer to open up + the print time would be just as long. Unless of course someone wants to be paid for time/materials/shipping to get bumped to the front of the list. hint, hint :slight_smile:

And half the price from China for the exact same thing. Just longer shipping time:
(4PCS) KP08 Zinc Alloy Pillow Block Bearing 8MM

Oh. And you’d want kp000, not kp08. (4PCS) KP000 Zinc Alloy Pillow Block Bearing 10MM

@Tim_Rastall for the eustathios or for the herculien?

@Seth_Messer both use 10mm outer shafts AFAIK.