I wonder if anyone can help.

I wonder if anyone can help. I have upgraded my Eustathios hybrid to use the Herculien mod e3d v6 + volcano dual extruders, however I have 2 different motors running them. 1 geared nema 17, and 1 non geared nema 17 with bondtech drive gears.

The problem I have is with Marlins firmware only allowing 1 set of steps per mm for the extruder. I have got around this using Gcode, but quite frankly its doing my head in having to edit ever file I try to print. I found MarlinX2 firmware which allows you to do this but 1, its a year out of date, and 2, I cant actually get it to compile for my Rambo board.

So… has anyone managed to get MarlinX2 working on a Rambo? If so how? Or does any have a better idea of how to simplify the gcode process?

Cheers for the help peeps.

oh I should add my gcode process consists of opening the gcode in a text editor and using find and replace to add the commands the change the steps per mm when theres a tool change. I know its easy to do this with Simplify3d, but I cant bring my self to fork out the money to buy it, no matter how good it is and I cant seem to find a list of place holders for cura or repetier to add and if statement in to the tool change gcode.

Marlin has a PR for independent extruder steps, use that.  (on github)

Hi @Oystein_Krog , sorry what do you mean by PR?

Pull request, a new change in the code. I think magokimbra submitted it. Just go to the github repository and look at the pull requests :slight_smile:

Ah wicked. I’ll check it out now thanks!

@Oystein_Krog Just wanted to say thanks, this sorted me right out! :slight_smile: