I wipe my bed down every couple of prints with this ,

I wipe my bed down every couple of prints with this , or if I touch the bed at all. I find that touching the bed how ever little makes things not stick. With this stuff just a bit on a paper towel and wipe it down, it sticks so well I don’t need brims and need to be careful not to rip the tape up. It also seems to work best warm you can see it steam off nearly immediately at 110C so its not hanging around eating things. I noticed with acetone it likes to be cooled first which is slow. It also worked really well on both PET and kapton. I’ve also got another type to try here soon.

Why not just use isopropyl? Nothing more pure for the bed then 99.9% electronic grade isopropyl.

Well this stuff is made to remove skin juice. The same thing that causes zits (skin oil) is the same thing that makes stuff not stick. TBH I realized how well this works after raiding under the kitchen sink for chemicals. I only found this so I made do with what I had and it worked exceedingly well. Its from dollar general btw.

@Addidis_no I don’t know about this particular personal care product, but most astringents aren’t meant to remove skin juice. They’re used to constrict pours and mucus membranes (which would mean the skin produces less “juice”, but not that any existing “juice” is removed). A true astringent shouldn’t be useful at all for bed cleaning, though I doubt it is a pure astringent.

Right on, I just got lucky raiding the chemical cabinet. It works really well for me.

so it removes “human” oil stains so that things stick better i guess?