I was wondering if there was anyone in the UK who would be so

I was wondering if there was anyone in the UK who would be so kind to print me all the parts for the Eustathios v2 (With some slight changes) I’m willing to pay (as long as its reasonable) but it would go a long way to restoring my sanity.

For the life of me I just cant seem to get my printer to print decent prints and I been at it for a year. When I first built the printer out of PLA I was printing amazing prints, but for some reason I decided to replace it all with ABS parts and since then I have been in a constant loop just trying to get the thing to work properly. It doesn’t help that occasionally the printer would spaz out for some reason resulting in me having to replace parts (Rambo burnt out, print screwed up and totally destroyed my IR probe and fans, the list goes on) I have gone through all the guides and videos on levelling the gantry etc but its just not working, I am at the point now where if I could get a fresh set of parts that I know are printed well then hopefully I can actually start printing things I want :slight_smile:

So yeah, if there is someone who has a perfectly calibrated printer out there willing to assist, could you please help me out? :slight_smile:

Adam I’d be glad to print you a set. My machine is down for at least a week but if no-one else steps up in the next week or two shoot me a note directly and we’ll set it up.

@jerryflyguy that’s amazing thank you! I will get in contact if no one else can. Thanks again!

well, i live in belgium, i only have an up plus 2 for the moment, i might be getting an anet 8 soon, but if you can’t get someone close to you to do it, well, i guess i’ll do it

Thanks @SalahEddine_Redjeb i will bear the offer in mind. Really appreciate the offer