I was using LW4 on an old laptop so I thought that was the

I was using LW4 on an old laptop so I thought that was the problem, but since switching to my PC (Windows 10, 64 bit) the problem is even worse in some regards.
Is it normal for LW to hang on the white screen when launching for a minute or more?
Or for it to take around 2 minutes for it to load in the attached svg? And 3 minutes to generate gcode for it?
Thanks for the help!

I cannot tell you about the white screen ( is it a powerfull computer with a good non integrated video card ? )

Regarding the other issues read this post, specially the last 5 comments. I just did it with you file and loads and processes inmediatly for me

Should be powerful enough, I have and i5 2500k and a GTX 1060 so I expected it to start up and be ready for use in a second or two.

That was kind of what I was afraid of… it seems like it’'s not due to lack of power but probably some other conflict on my end, but I have no idea what could be causing it.

The file / loading time is not you, I just how at the moment LW handles this thus the workaround above. White screen hanging while loading for a minute , I have never heard of that till today so not sure what to say. Is WebGL and hardware acceleration ON?

Well if it loads immediately for you I don’t see why it takes so long for me.
Both WebGL and Hardware acceleration are on.

Did you follow the link I posted on what to do to the file before loading into LW?

Sorry, I somehow misread part of that.
I tried it now and it works great, loads instantly and processes in a couple of seconds. That fixed the biggest problem I had, thank you so much!

One questions, as this problem has arised a few times in the last couple of days, can I use your file for a video describen How to solve this issue?

It’s not my design, I just converted it to a svg, but I have no problem with you using it.

I also solved the issue with the long startup/white screen. It was one on my processes at windows startup, I’m currently trying to pinpoint which one exactly was causing that.