I was trying to set up an old Raspberry Pi with SPJS this evening,

I was trying to set up an old Raspberry Pi with SPJS this evening, when I discovered the CP/grbl/JPadie work spaces are both displaying widgets with edit in JSFiddle. CP/tinyg seems to be o.k.
Is there a problem with JSFiddle, and if so what can be done?
P.s. Yesterday morning on 10/31/17 all of Chilipeppr was showing the edit in JSFiddle but was fixed by late evening. Today on 11/1/17 seems to be a new problem.

JSFiddle changed something yesterday morning that is ruining the dishing up of code that was originally hosted there. Most of TinyG workspace got moved to Github over the last year or two. I had to move 4 widgets to Github yesterday morning to get the homepage and TinyG to work again. Grbl and Jpadie are the major workspaces that need help right now.

Would you be up for helping us migrate the JSFiddle widgets to Github quickly? All that really needs to happen is the Javascript from JSFiddle gets pasted into the widget.js in the Github repo, HTML from JSFiddle into widget.html and CSS from JSFiddle into widget.css. Then the workspace code just needs to point to the Github URL instead of the JSFiddle URL and presto, done. Everything fixed!

Should be fixed now in http://chilipeppr.com/grbl workspace. Jpadie workspace would now need to mimic the changes.