I was missing something on my spoiler board, so.....

(Jack Daugherty) #1

I was missing something on my spoiler board, so… Gotta figure out how to use Inkscape a little better. Took 20 minutes to laser this little thing. gcode file is 1.3 mb! Lol

(Jack Daugherty) #2

@Hobby_Fab Thanks. Just messing around a little in inkscape. I didn’t know what the file was going to do until I ran it, but I know it can be done way more efficient than how this came out. I really haven’t had to give any commands to switch between spindle and laser. $32=1 or $32=0. I just power off the spindle, and flip the switch on the laser before I run the code.

(Darrell Hoath) #3

Where did you get the laser set up I have been thinking of adding one to my ox.

(Jack Daugherty) #4

@Darrell_Hoath I added it to my router purchase through Hobby Fab. It’s made by Jtech.