I was looking for this motor because I have a design idea that would

I was looking for this motor because I have a design idea that would benefit from the flat shape, but I found that the phase resistance of this particular one is way too high to microstep well with a 12V supply (they are rated for 12V, and the volage rating for a stepper using a current-controlled driver should be more like 1/3-1/5 the supply voltage). They’re also no longer available from his supplier. Can anyone recommend a good source for low-profile steppers like this, but with a more reasonable phase resistance?

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A bit about my new small Z motors and an experiment with PTFE tube for mounting the threaded rods to the motors.

I am using them with micro stepping on 12v, and they are doing a perfect job. It is the same motors from when I did hall effect switch testing, and they are dead on the position I set them to. They were a bit more tricky to get the current adjusted on, but after that there have been no problems.

Have you looked at Anaheim Automation?


@Michael_Andresen they would be able to run faster and smoother if they had a lower phase resistance (or a higher supply voltage).