I was just looking on Mcmaster Carr's website and I came across cord,

I was just looking on Mcmaster Carr’s website and I came across #PTFE cord, I was just curious has anyone used this as filament and made stuff with an #E3D or other all metal hot end? Because this stuff melts at around 260C or 500F, but you can make some really strong stuff.

PTFE decomposes into toxic a toxic gas at those temps. It will give you flu-like symptoms and kill any nearby birds.

What @Matthew_Wilson1 said. Also, extrusion temperature is higher than melt temperature. Plastic will rapidly start to cool when it leaves the nozzle, and in order to bond the the previous (partially-cooled) layer, the average of the two temperatures should be above the melting point.

So I guess the only way to process this is to mold it? no extrusion?

PTFE is 50% the strength of nylon 6,6 and 30% the strength of nylon 6,9
It does have much higher thermal durability, however as @Whosa_whatsis points out it prints at about 325C.

Your best bet is to buy stock and machine it to shape. It cuts beautifully.

I guess machining it is the best bet. Thanks.