I was just looking at the "Configuring a printer on Redeem with Marlin values"

(Marcos Scriven) #1

I was just looking at the “Configuring a printer on Redeem with Marlin values” section of http://wiki.thing-printer.com/index.php?title=Marlin_to_redeem.

I’m probably missing something, but it seemed to complicate something that seemed simple to me. A few thoughts:

  1. It talks about ‘1/32 microstep, and you have 18-tooth GT-2 pulleys’ being an example, but then quotes ‘200’ steps/mm, whereas presumably it should read something like 177.77? So when it says example, I think it should say ‘In this format’

  2. It says to use the calculator to find the number of teeth on your pulley - but one can just physically count them :slight_smile:

  3. Even then, it’s recommending finding the number of teeth, by changing until the steps/mm matches your Marlin config. But if you know your Marlin config, you can simply divide it by your microstepping? In my case it was simply 64 steps/mm in Marlin, become 64/16 = 4 steps/mm in Redeem?

  4. Is the Wiki possible to login to and suggest changes? I like Github Page for this reason, can just suggest things by way of a PR.

(Elias Bakken) #2

I’ve sent you a wiki login!