I was installed the new Toggle and python-octoprint-redeem package.

I was installed the new Toggle and python-octoprint-redeem package. Now I can download .cfg files and edit them. But how to do it online? The second problem is that the toggle does not see .stl models (empty platform on screen) and I can’t control axes. When you attempt to change the model is still loading. I currently have only one engine hooked to the Z axis and control does not work with screen. I typed API key in Octoprint and at the moment reads the temperature of the thermistor. I can’t also download the file local.cfg for Toggle - 404 error page. Any ideas or suggestions?

Check the permissions on the file /etc/toggle/local.cfg. The user octo needs to have write permissions.

I am having the same problem with toggle not displaying the models.

@Curt_Page What about controlling axes? About models, when I upload gcode in Octoprint for printing I see model on screen but cannot switch to another. It only see uploaded model.

I haven’t hooked it up to my printer yet. I’ve just been configuring the beaglebone and printing up parts to mount it and the screen. Once I changed the permissions for /etc/toggle Octoprint was able to save the toggle settings.

@Curt_Page How do I change the permissions for /etc/toggle/local.cfg?

Quick and dirty: chmod 777 /etc/toggle/local.cfg

Thanks and sorry for so many questions. These things are new to me :slight_smile:

Toggle still doesn’t display the models though.

@Curt_Page have you verified that the API key is right? Can you move the print head from the jog menu?

  • Elias Bakken I copy and pasted the code but it’s not connected to the printer yet. I’ll verify the code again.

Ok, good! Temperature data is separate from the REST API, so that does not need a key.

I used to see the models inthe previous version of Toggle. Now, it just sits there thinking. There are a few STL files that I have in there, but most of the files are gcode files that won’t get displayed. Is toggle trying to read and display the gcode files? Maybe a mod would be to skip files that are not STL?

With the API key, jog works great, temp display and control work great too.
Besides the issue with the STL files nos displaying, I really like and use Toggle a lot.

Somehow, I think that Toggle should be able to work independent of a user loading Octoprint on a browser and connecting. Can toggle automatically connect to Octoprint so that the printer can be controlled standalone? or can it at least have a “connect” button so that the connection to Octoprint happens directly by touching the screen?

I also think that the Toggle should allow independent operation of the device in a certain minimalist range, for example: quick and easy start printing models from memory or easy preparing to printing process.

Exactly @Daniel Kusz. Checking the status of prints, setting up for prints, starting prints, leveling the bed, etc: That’s what it is most useful for.
If I pre-load GCODE files It would be useful to at least see the files listed and be able to select them to start the print from the touch screen.

You can enable automatic connection in octoprint so that will make it connect on startup!