I was hoping to upgrade my Shapeoko2 for a larger build area.

I was hoping to upgrade my Shapeoko2 for a larger build area. I was thinking that for now I would only upgrade the Y axis and go for 1000mm. Will the two sets of 6.35mm wide GT2 or perhaps two sets of 5mm wide GT2 belt stretch too much at 1000mm or will I need a different set of belts , pulleys and clips? Getting all of that would be quite expensive. But getting just the extrusions and belts would put me at about $50-$55 before shipping and the waste board. I already have a wire bundle to use.

Okay. That is not right. About $62 before shipping and about $77 after shipping for a Y upgrade. It is a MakerSlide based system, so I guess I am stuck buying MakerSlide.

Look at “open builds” rails and wheel types…

8 x $1.40 (wheels) + 2 * $20 (40x40 extrusion since I could then not use 20x40) + 10ft x $2.50 = $76 before shipping. That is unless I redesign the motions quite a bit.
Another route is OpenRail that connects onto the 20x40 extrusion, but I would need 4 so that would be $24 for the OpenRail. That would still increase the price a bit beyond the original price of $50-55. If I would have acted sooner in the year, I could have gotten a nice discount, but I procrastinated and now that option is no more.

@Marc_Schaefermeyer thanks for trying. I just do not think I can go that route without more cost or totally swapping my Y away from the MakerSlide design. I would not mind moving away from that design, but I always have trouble making decisions, so I would be stuck thinking about what to do.