I was able to encapsulate an NFC tag in an ABS print.

I was able to encapsulate an NFC tag in an ABS print.
The RFID Tag still functions after printing.
This is a Geotag Marker for Ingress.
I submitted this location as an Ingress Portal, but it will take 6 to 8 weeks to see if accepted.
The Write protected NFC tag will open a blog page which I started for the local ingress play: http://ingress-sepa.blogspot.com/2013/07/ingress-southeastern-pennsylvania.html

  • It’s just something my daughter and I are trying for fun.

Really cool idea @Robert_Wozniak I hadn’t thought of using RFID tags for ingress.

Don’t want to be a downer, but how sharp is that point? Kids blindly running around a sorts field…

My daughter said the same thing. It’s off on the edge of the sports field, away from the soccer area, kind of under a big tree. A bigger hazard (as I discovered) is that the Green Monolith (actually an old tennis practice wall) is full of bees nests

Just barely… I ended up placing a second tag under marker, just in case. I’ll need tomake some modifications to the design for the next one.